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Art Show Opening—Yearly Artsource Exhibition

This exhibition is on at the Old Customs House Gallery, Phillimore Street, Fremantle. Theart show is open daily until 18 October 2019.

Guundie Kuchling Zeitgeist

This artwork is part of the yearly Artsource Show at the Old Customs House, Phillimore Street, Fremantle. Artsource is the peak membership body for visual artists in Western Australia. Every year, members are invited to take part in an art exhibition. This year, more than 100 emerging and established artists exhibited in the show “Galvanised”, professionally curated by Sandra Murray. Every artist can exhibit one artwork. I am part of this great, diverse exhibition with “Zeitgeist”, mixed media, 50 x 70 cm.


Guundie Kuchling artist with drawing

“Zeitgeist” is a German word adopted into the English language because it is so precise, describing with one word what drives an era. Literally translated, it means “the spirit of the times”. This mixed media piece is part of my series “Scripted”. Please find my artist statement in my art section in ‘drawings’,

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