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Zeitgeist—Full Image

Mixed Media, 50 x 70 cm

This is an artwork from my textart series “Scripted”. The German word “Zeitgeist” summarises the collective mood or attitude of an era. It means “spirits of the times”. My piece was inspired by text artists. Text has been used in art since the invention of writing—from ancient Egypt to medieval Europe to 20th century artists like Marcel Duchamp and Jackson Pollock. I was eager to step into the now endangered cultural space of cursive handwriting and transform my daily practice of “morning pages”—based on the prescriptions of Dorothea Brande (“Becoming a Writer”, 1934) and then Julia Cameron in her classic “The Artist’s Way”, 1992).

My text is handwritten, in cursive, with ink, coloured pencils, graphite and brushes, with a watercolour wash; it is associative, free-writing or‘freefall’ (developed by the Canadian writer W.O. Mitchell in 1952).

To symbolise time, I created this artwork as palimpsest. This concept is fascinating for me. Anything used and re-used but still showing the traces of its history can be a palimpsest: a book page, a scroll, manuscripts, furnitures or toys—anything with layers, superimposed on the previous surface.

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