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Glimpse Passion—Full Image

Linoprint, 45 x 65 cm

This artwork is part of the series “Leaves of Life”: oil paintings, drawings and linoprints distil the aesthetic heart of natural forms. In each individual piece I am rendering elements with clarity and simplicity, playfully engaging with nature and cataloguing my environment. Many of the images are gently suggestive of human body parts or sensuality and “incidentally erotic”.

In most of my artworks in this series, I apply repetition according to the modular principles of serial art and the idea from Gertrude Stein that “a rose is a rose is a rose…” Repeating an image reveals more of its essence, reducing the distance between me—the subject, and the object. We both remain the same, yet change simultaneously—based at this point on another idea from Gertrude Stein that repetition does not produce exactitude.

My linoprint depicts a flower inspired by Isotoma sp., an aquatic plant native to Western Australia. I know and adore this little blue flower, growing in shallow water, because my work as field assistant for my husband Gerald brings me into the swamps of the Swan Coastal Plain, North of Perth. They are the habitat of the Western Swamp Tortoise. There are two nature reserves dedicated to this critically endangered turtle and also for other native animals and plants.

Simplicity is the ultimate perfection. —Leonardo daVinci