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l is for latitude

Linoprint, 64 x 64 cm, full image.

When I’m playful I use the meridians of longitude and parallels of latitude for a seine, and drag the Atlantic Ocean for whales. I scratch my head with the lightning and purr myself to sleep with the thunder.  —Mark Twain

Latitude and longitude form cursive loops over the round world. In the same playful spirit as Mark Twain, I invoke these geographical markers and make lexical loops through the repetition of curves used in forming letters and numbers.

This linoprint is part of my series “Scripted” (“Re:Cursive”). Like the other works in this series, it shows the repetition of a letter and the resulting patterns. The letter of this artwork is ‘l’. The lexical choice for this image was, naturally, ”latitude”.  Latitude is a word that combines both geographical and playful dimensions, opening possibilities for cultural and imaginative expansiveness.

Please find the full artist statement for the series “Re:Cursive” in the artwork section, with the painting “a is for arresting.”