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The Heat

Linoprint, 82 x 82 cm

This linoprint is part of “Communing with Creatures”, an ongoing series in my arts practice, and also part of the sub-series “Homage to Chelonians”. Turtles have admirable characteristics and are attributed with symbolic powers by many cultures. They also play an important part in my life.

The setting for this artwork is the volcanic landscape of the Galápagos islands. The woman, a self portrait, is naked—a visual metaphor for my surrender to nature and my close relationship to animals. The depicted tortoise stretches out his neck, the woman bends down—a caring posture. This expression of mutual tenderness is indicative of my relationship to turtles and of my idiosyncratic interpretation of the Jungian anima and animus. Accordingly, the proportion female/turtles is non-realistic and personal.

The giant Galápagos tortoise depicted in this artwork is surviving with several species on the archipelago of Galápagos.

Please find the full artist statement for the series “Communing with Creatures” in the “painting” section, under “The Rescue”.