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Photography of Artworks: Masterclass

I have already attended a lecture and a photography workshop by Bo Wong, photographer extraordinaire. Today Bo ran a masterclass: we could bring our own projects to photograph, with her advice. I wanted to find out how to take photos for high quality prints, like picture books. I plan to illustrate one of my new picture book stories, not with the usual mediums (drawing, painting) but with 3d or relief objects and figures. 2d artworks can be easily scanned, whilst objects must be photographed. This is expensive, and I would like to be able to supply the publisher with photos. I brought a random collection of flat objects and photographed them in the setting “raw” (instead of jpeg).

Guundie Kuchling photography of artworks workshop
Bo Wong takes us step bey step through the process of working on the raw file in photoshop. On the screen is my random collection of objects.

Guundie Kuchling art objects arrangement

A closeup of Bo’s computer screen showing my photo.

Back home, I took photos in ‘raw’ of more art arrangements and practised working in photoshop.

Guundie Kuchling art objects arrangement for picture book


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